October 2, 2012

It always seems like the verge of the next big breakthrough. An end to the plateau. A single step to a soaring exhilaration. One golden realization that will take everything learned and slide it into position.  Every habit, every bit of knowledge, every experience, every emotional tendency, every craving, longing, desire, every dream and aspiration, every weakness, every depression, every indulgence, every ecstatic joy becomes a moving part in a glowing golden machine that finally perceives it all the way it should be perceived. Beyond should.  To pure is.  A placid observance and resonant connection that extends the self beyond the line where the skin ends and the world begins.  A resonant field that swells and hums when it intersects with a youthful spirit or keen mind. Enveloping all it encompasses, growing with every experience.  Embracing the present so fully that each moment is split and split and split and split until only a tiny cool drop of it rests on a warm fingertip. Look closely enough and see the golden glow deep inside as it refracts and echos and amplifies into something that feels like being improbably alive.  An expanding, swirling, pulsing wave that sweeps us helplessly and joyously along.


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