King’s Quest

August 31, 2014

“The inner King is the one in us who knows what we want to do for the rest of our lives, or the rest of the month, or the rest of the day. He can make clear what we want without being contaminated in his choice by the opinions of others around us. The inner King is connected with our fire of purpose and passion”

– Robert Bly, Iron John: A Book About Men



Note: I wrote most of this post and realized that it was a lot like describing a video game character. I have an inventory, some attributes, and a whole lot of options. Feel free to think of it this way and ask questions about my “stats” and suggest actions, like Kings Quest (e.g. “Apply for job as barback” or “Go to gym” and I will play it out and tell the results insofar as it is amusing to me)


After tonight I will be homeless…
…living in my car in Austin TX. I’m now almost out of money and have almost no possessions except clothes and music equipment. Up ’til a few years ago I worked as a software developer and made good money but got really depressed and stopped trying, eventually getting fired and not looking again. I spent my 401K to travel, trashed my credit rating and have been telling people I have a startup in the works to raise money for musicians, which is just an idea and a lot of code on my computer, a few graphics and copy pages I’ve written. I have been pitching it to people and almost always get a positive response now so that’s valuable.
I have been moving toward this experience for a long time.
My depression at work had to do with not thinking anything mattered. I went to a job that bored me, got tons of money. I was irresponsible and there seemed to be no consequences to my actions. A lot of PMO and women, working out, drinking/drugs, wasting money.
I have a CS degree, know how to get a job that pays (My last one was around 90k/yr) and I know my shit when it comes to programming. I don’t want to work as a programmer for a company. It feels like being a musician who only gets to play covers. But I could see working for the right startup, but I don’t really want to work as a grinding coder. I like talking to people and interacting. I am considering working in a music venue as a barback or somethingto be closer to the music scene.
During the past couple years I’ve learned to rap. I never learned an instrument except some piano lately and rap lights something up in me that I never had before. I’m writing my own stuff now and when I do karaoke I can get the whole crowd cheering. I am pretty good when I’m in the zone.
Starting resources:
* $197 dollars * $409 dollars credit card – $163 payment due Sep 21st
Possessions: * Korg SP 170 Piano w/missing power cable * a speaker box w/mixer and microphone * 44″ x 11″ x 2″ block of solid mahogany wood * decent wardrobe * macbook computer * boost android phone * some weed * tarot cards * key to girlfriend’s apartment * printer * Boss RC 300 Loop Station * coffee table * Book: Iron John, A Book about Men, by Robert Bly * active gym membership * falling apart 93 volvo 240
Attributes: * Age: 35 * Good looks (7) – I get positive attention just for how I look * Strong body (7) – I dominate on the basketball court * Whiteness – sadly an advantage * Maleness – awesome powers (PMO:007) * Tallness (5/11″) * rap skills (6) * programming skills (10) * speech skills (7) (I can captivate with stories, and I have done street hypnosis to good effect) * sex skills (11) (Made different girls cum just by talking several times) * juggling skills(2) * bow and arrow skills (I wish)
So yeah. I have a bed to sleep in tonight and then I’m on my own. I have a pretty amazing girl that would let me stay with her as much as I want but I’ve done that in the past and end up feeling like a weasel. I am storing some things at her house but I do not want to lean on that resource too hard.
So what do y’all think? I am thinking I will journal what I do with my time here daily for accountability. I can detail my inventory more if you want, I am sure I have more skills if I think about it and could be more objective about them. This could be interesting if I formalized this “character sheet” more. I have played a lot of D&D and could do a good job.
I’d like to become a well-known rapper in Austin. Right now I’m looking for ways to make money, besides doing a traditional job search.

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