I just yelled at a bad dad

April 25, 2015

I was out by my car at the Quickie Pickie parking lot.  I heard him yell and I looked over to my left.  A young boy about 3 years old was by the railing and the dad ran over to him and grabbed his arm and yelled at him. Then he picked up the kid and took him to the truck which happened to be next to my car where I was standing. He was yelling things at the son, “Never do that you hear me!”  Obviously the guy was concerned about his son’s safety, but he was taking it too far.

The guy set him down at the truck where the kid begins to cry. Dad gets the door open and hurls the kid into his car seat and then continues berating him. His face is right in the kid’s face yelling at him, continuing to scare the crap out of the kid.

I was probably about 4 feet away leaning on my car and I just started talking.  “You’re not doing him any favors you know”.  He turned around and looked at me and said “What?” I said “You’re not doing him any favors”.  He pointed a finger at me and said “You’re gonna have a problem” And I said “No, you’re gonna have a problem when your son grows up and hates you”.

By this time the kid was craning his neck to see who was talking to his dad like this.  The dad finished buckling his kid in and turned around again and looked at me and said something.  I said something like “You wanna point it at me now?” I was hot at this point but still in control.   He said something about having 6 bullets for me.  Basically threatening to murder me.   I said “You want to threaten me with violence now? And you’re a man?” He said “Yeah I am.” I said “You’re a chimp.  A chimp.”  He got in his car.

I saw his wife walking out with their daughter as I walked back inside. I thought about telling her she’s married to a chimp but let it be at that point.

Now that I’ve calmed down I wish I’d said something like “It’s obvious you care about your son but when you scare the crap out of him like that you’re just training him to be violent and angry some day”

Anyway, if I get shot to death it was probably that guy.


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